Lazy Guy Distillery is located in the heart of downtown Kennesaw, just northwest of Atlanta. Kennesaw has deep historical roots dating back to General Sherman’s March to the Sea during the Civil War. Prominent for its railroad locomotive “The General” and its key location close to the capital of Georgia, Kennesaw is the perfect place to make whiskey, a practice that has been revered throughout American history.

The two buildings which comprise our distillery operations are just around the corner from the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive. Our office and distillery buildings date back to the 1800’s and have a rich heritage themselves. These historic buildings have witnessed many changes over the decades, just as whiskey making in America has witnessed change. From the Whiskey Rebellion in the late 1700’s to the Prohibition Era in the 1920’s, Whiskey has been a cornerstone of many American events and even served as a means of currency more than once in our country’s history.

TOUR INFORMATION: Tours of our production floor are every Saturday at 1pm and 4pm (staff permitting). Tours are FREE to all ages and no reservation is required. We offer full cocktails (for purchase) made with our hand-crafted spirits. If you are unsure which spirit you prefer, we offer micro-samples of all of our spirits.

We also invite you to visit the distillery on Saturdays to enjoy handcrafted spirit cocktails in our Spirit Lab. We have over 25+ cocktails which showcase our spirits with more always being developed. Don’t miss our seasonal and weekly special cocktails. The Spirit Lab is open Thursday & Friday from 5p-8p (21 and up only) and on Saturdays 1p-8pm. IMPORTANT: We offer a family friendly environment until 5pm. After 5pm expect a 21-and-up environment exclusively. We may also have special hours due to events in Downtown Kennesaw so watch our social media feeds for schedule changes

Private tours and facility rentals are available for groups of 10+. Email media@lazyguydistillery.com or call 770 485 0081 if you’d like to inquire about a private tour or to book our property for a special event.

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Capturing flavors from regionally sourced grains Lazy Guy Distillery whiskey offers a taste that is unmatched by others. Lazy Guy isn’t about having a huge product portfolio but rather about providing unique, small-batch products that best reflect our brand and the passion of those who drink this classic and uniquely American spirit.

With your first sip from any of the following unique cocktails, We’re sure you’ll agree that Lazy Guy Distillery spirits offer a taste that is unmatched by others.

Listed here are the on-premise/off-premise locations which have purchased our spirits twice or more within the last 90 days (approximately). NOTE: Not all locations have all spirits, so call to ensure they have your favorite. (last update: 1/15/17) Also, there are more locations which we have discovered carry Lazy Guy Whiskey not on this list. If YOUR favorite package store or restaurant/bar doesn’t carry Lazy Guy, demand it. Email media@lazyguydistillery.com with the name of the place YOU want to carry Lazy Guy and and we’ll work to get our spirits to you! As of 9/1/17 you can purchase up to three 750ml bottles of spirit directly from our distillery!

Off-Premise locations (alphabetical)
Spirits must be taken off-premise before being consumed; no open containers onsite.
On-Premise locations (alphabetical)
Spirits can be consumed on-premise but cannot be removed from the location where purchased.

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